For Our Members

Are you a UBC member looking for member resources? For information on the UBC store, how to update your contact information, member benefits, pension, wage and job information, how to pay member dues, training and work opportunities in Canada, and more, view the relevant areas below.

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Managing Member Info & Benefits

Members: Update Your Contact Information

Most UBC members can update their contact information through the MEMBER ONLY section of the web site.  CLICK HERE to login or to create a member account.

Member Dues Payment

All dues are collected by your Local Union or Regional Council.  Please contact your Local Union for information on paying member dues. If you do not know your Local Union contact information, CLICK HERE to find your Regional Council. They can provide this information to you.

We are posting a Notice to Employees and Members on the intranet pursuant to an informal Settlement Agreement approved by the Regional Director of Region 4 of the National Labor Relations board in Case 04-CB-263012.

Please CLICK HERE for more information

Welcome to the United Brotherhood of Carpenters

A guide to your union and how you can improve your skills, advance your career, be part of a proud union, and make a difference. CLICK HERE for more information.

Member Benefits, Pensions, Wage Information, & Job Availability

This information is available from your Local Union or Regional Council. If you do not have that contact information, CLICK HERE to find your Regional Council. They can provide this information to you.

UBC Trust Fund Directory

Need information about a UBC-affiliated trust fund? To locate the right contact for you, CLICK HERE to access a directory of affiliate trust funds around the UBC. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, click here to find the Regional Council for the area you are interested in and contact them for more information.

Locate your Regional Council

For all topics except skills training, CLICK HERE.

Our Regional Councils align with current construction industry markets, so whatever your question, be assured you’ll be talking with people who know the territory, the members, and the markets.

Show your UBC pride

T-shirts, jackets, watches and more. CLICK HERE for the official UBC Store.

Bienvenidos a La Hermandad de Carpinteros Unidos

Una guía acerca de su union y sobre cómo puede mejorar sus habilidades, avanzar en su Carrera, ser parte una union orgullosa, hacer una diferencia. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ para más información.

UBC Traveler Referral Programs

Diver Traveler Referral Program

Are you a certified and qualified underwater diver and willing to travel to work in other areas? As a member of the UBC, you can sign up for the Diver Traveler Referral Program. CLICK HERE for more information.

UBC Member Training Opportunities

Online Member Local Class Registration

Training Centers have the option to share their current class schedule with members through Online Member Class Registration. For those Training Centers that have posted their schedule, members can review the schedule and submit a request to register for classes offered at their local Training Center through this website. Please CLICK HERE to access the website using your member login.

Access to the CITF Online Learning Center

The Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF) now provides online classes for qualified members and instructors. CLICK HERE to register for classes online at your convenience without losing time on the job.

Obtaining a Training Verification Card (TVC)

The CITF provides real-time training, certification, and qualification reports for UBC members through Training Verification Cards (TVC) accessible via the ‘UBC Mobile’ app or a printed card. Members can login to the app and click the ‘TVC’ button on the homepage to access their up-to-date training and certifications report. Please download the mobile app or CLICK HERE to contact your Regional Training Center with any questions on this program.

Locate your Regional Training Center

If your questions concern training and skills, CLICK HERE.

Our Regional and Local Training Centers provide apprentice classes as well as dozens of OSHA, skill upgrade, specialty, certification, and other advanced courses.

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Download the UBC Mobile App

Stay informed, access additional resources, and engage with the UBC. Visit the Apple App Store and Google Play from your mobile device. Search for the “UBC Mobile” app and download for FREE.

Sign up for the SIB Texting Program

Stay in the loop and get valuable news about Sisters in the Brotherhood in the palm of your hand.  CLICK HERE for more information.

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Honest Employers, Honest Workers: Fight Tax Fraud with the UBC

Fraud is not a union issue. It’s about regaining lost tax revenue and protecting honest employers and taxpayers. To learn more CLICK HERE.