The United Brotherhood of Carpenters encourages its more than half a million members to be active participants in the political process through voting and volunteering. The union pursues “Carpenter Politics,” an inclusive and nonpartisan effort to support candidates and legislative issues in both the United States and Canada that advocate for UBC member interests and carpenter values through workers’ rights, infrastructure investments, and fair trade.

United States
Legislative Issues

For the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, the issues that matter are carpenter issues. Learn more about how these issues impact UBC members and the actions you can take to support carpenter values in these legislative issues.

Legislative Issues

For the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, the issues that matter are carpenter issues. We work on the things that matter to all of our members–and the contractors who employ them.

Members in Office

UBC members across the country do their part to support carpenter values, like area-standard wages and benefits, security and dignity in work and retirement, education and training, a safe workplace, and more. Several members have taken their voice to the next level, giving the UBC a solid political presence on councils, boards, agencies, and other bodies at every level. Learn more about our UBC Members in Office.

Tax Fraud

Considered the “dirty little secret” of the construction industry, tax fraud drains tax revenues and hurts honest employers every year. The UBC is dedicated to shutting down this destructive criminal activity, regaining lost tax revenue, and protecting honest employers and taxpayers. Click through to learn more about construction industry tax fraud, its impact on UBC members, and to find additional resources related to tax fraud.

Corporate Affairs

The goal of the Corporate Affairs Department is to protect and advance UBC member interests through responsible ownership activism. You can learn more about how The UBC Corporate Affairs Department stays at the forefront of these issues by exploring a history of activism, key activism issues, proxy season reports and more.