U.S. Legislative Issues

The Brotherhood’s brand of participatory politics doesn’t get shelved with the yard signs after Election Day. Members are encouraged to attend government meetings and public hearings where issues affecting them are discussed and to reach out directly to the officials they helped elect.

For the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, the issues that matter are carpenter issues. 


We work on the things that matter to all of our members and the contractors who employ them, such as:

  • Intelligent labor laws that serve honest workers and honest employers by making the construction industry safer and more honorable for all.
  • Fighting employer payroll fraud so law-abiding contractors can bid and win work without facing competitors who illegally lower their labor costs.
  • Wage-and-hour laws, the backbone of America’s decades-long commitment to fair labor standards.
  • Protections like Davis-Bacon prevailing-wage laws that keep bottom-dollar contractors from producing unsafe public buildings without producing any economic benefits.
  • Unfair trade agreements that rob American workers of decent jobs and damage our long-term economic security.
  • Funding for sensible programs that create decent jobs and stimulate the economy–like infrastructure, schools, and more.
  • Pension reform that ensures multi-employer workers receive the full benefits they deserve.

UBC political action means supporting people and policies that support carpenter’s values. Read more about these issues below.

Right to Work

Right-to-work is the misleading legislation that gave the upper hand to corporations when negotiating labor contracts, effectively lowering the earning potential of skilled carpenters and union members.

Prevailing Wage

The Davis-Bacon prevailing wage act ensures UBC members are receiving the prevailing wage for their work, including all fringe benefits. Find out more about the Davis-Bacon Act and why you UBC members need to pay attention to it.

Carpenters Build America

Constructing and maintaining critical infrastructure is key to economic stability and public safety. Skilled UBC members are at the center of America’s biggest jobs—and our members know that civic and legislative action is what secures important projects for our communities.