UBC members build schools, bridges, offices, and power plants. And for more than a decade, they have been building books.

A fusion of Web-based publishing and hands-on training allows for the real-time production and printing of skill development curriculum designed for the needs of a specific training center, contractor or project. The program is called Build-a-Book and directions for accessing the demo, watching the video and browsing the catalog are given below.

The current publishing program develops Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF) student manuals and instructor guides covering eight craft areas: Residential Carpentry, Concrete, Floor Laying, Lathing, Interior Systems, Mill Cabinet, Millwrighting and Pile Driving. Manuals dealing with general transferable skills such as confined space, print reading, and math have also been developed that allow UBC members to work in many different craft areas. Specialized areas such as green building, construction in occupied health facilities and the handling of hazardous materials are also published.

In addition, today hundreds of books have been developed over past years using input from contractors, industry experts, and product and equipment manufacturers, who have advised CITF on best practices and industry developments. All training materials emphasize productivity, professionalism, attitude, and attention to safety.

These materials are available to UBC members and UBC-signatory contractors through UBC-affiliated training centers. CLICK HERE to browse the CITF Training Solutions Special Edition Catalog

See how our online Build-A-Book system works—then try it yourself.

Video: How we Build Books Online

CLICK HERE to watch a step-by-step explanation of how to use the CITF storefront as well as how to create your own training manual using the Build-A-Book process.

Demo: Create a Sample Manual

CLICK HERE to practice with an interactive demo version of the CITF online bookstore.