Open Enrollment Staff Programs

By developing and sustaining an integrated, union-wide learning system, the DET supports the UBC by aligning education, training, and development efforts with the mission, vision, and strategic priorities of the Brotherhood. That learning system includes specific training tools and programs designed to improve both individual and organizational performance at every level.

UBC Excellence: Building Frontline Leaders

This two and one-half day program gives Council and Training Fund Administrative Staff a chance to experience the International Training Center and take Customer Service skills to the next level. UBC Excellence is focused on developing an attitude of personal responsibility and commitment to excellence that goes above and beyond customary practices.

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UBC Mentoring: Building Partnerships for the Future

UBC members possess a wealth of knowledge about the UBC, the industry, the contractors we’ve partnered with and the unique challenges of our jobsites. This program facilitates the building of mentoring partnerships to ensure a stronger future for all members.

UBC Staff: Building Union Leaders

This program builds understanding about where the Brotherhood is today, where we are going, and whatwe are doing to get there. Incorporating key learning about Communication, Leadership and Mentoring, the UBC Staff program also helps participants to develop the skills necessary for success both on and off the job.