Multiple SIB Committees: A Success Story

Eleven and counting! That’s the total SIB chairs operating committees in the Indiana, Kentucky, & Ohio Regional Council (IKORCC). Their success, which started with the 2015 Sisters Conference, is something to be applauded.

At the conference, Teresa Moore was selected as the IKORCC SIB chairman. The ball started rolling from this point on. Area representatives began contacting Teresa for more information and invited her to Local Union Meetings. At these meetings, Teresa shared key SIB committee initiatives and explained how each was designed to help the Council achieve yearly goals.

The response was overwhelming positive, with some of the 33 Locals immediately appointing SIB chairs and others setting meeting dates to consider options. Teresa provided support and encouragement by attending each of these initial meetings. She also moved forward with her existing committee, exploring ideas for an IKORCC SIB Conference. Again, the response was positive and the conference was held on October 13 – 14, 2016. Teresa is pictured delivering a presentation.

CLICK HERE to see conference highlights.

To what does Teresa attribute her success? Hard work is certainly tops the list. Equally important is promoting the value of SIB committees at Local Union meetings and to Council leaders. Creating a forum where Sisters could learn and network, like the IKORCC SIB Conference, proved important as well – eight committees started after the conference. Perhaps most significant, according to Teresa, is the help received from fellow Sisters. She says, “Thanks go to Barb Pecks and Cindi Franks for all their support and ideas.”

To maintain momentum and progress, Teresa coordinates a conference call with all SIB chairs on the last Monday of each month. During the call, they share ideas and report on efforts to mentor, retain, and recruit new members.

Of course, Teresa acknowledges there is still work to do in a few Locals, but things are moving in the right direction. There is a positive energy around what the Sisters are doing. Locals are taking notice and the Council is providing ongoing support.